Nursery Class For Babies


Ladybirds Classroom 

Ladybirds class is for children aged between 0 yrs and 2 yrs.

We have two baby rooms, one of the rooms is for babies up to a year old and here we can care up to 8 babies and the other room is twelve months up to two years of age and can care up to 12 babies. The staff ratio is one adult to every three children.Ladybirds has their own shaded playground with a safe spongy surface. We encourage children to go out every day.

We aim to create a home from home experience for your baby, we understand that your child will have their own routine such as sleep pattern, feeds and we make every effort to continue their routine.  We follow this to ensure that the transition from home to nursery goes as smoothly as possible.Lodge Farm Nursery School welcomes parents in to breast feed at any time during the day or you can provide breast milk. 

We have dedicated sleep areas where each child has a cot including their own sheet and blanket.Parents are encouraged to bring in any comforter to provide familiarity which may help their child sleep.

Lodge Farm Nursery School works in close partnership with all parents throughout their time in Ladybirds classroom. When the time comes to begin weaning we will talk to the parents about what their child is having at home so that we can mirror this at Nursery.

Parents are provided with a hand written daily diary. This explains what your baby has played with,how long and when they have slept, what they have eaten at meal times and what milk they have drunk throughout the day.

The staff use 'Tapestry' an Online Learning Journal to record and track your child’s learning, This is completed by your child’s Keyworker who will carry out observations and take photos and videos of your child learning. This is also a good way for you to be kept informed about what your child has been doing at nursery as all parent's will be given an individual link to set up an account to view their child's journal online or via a phone app.

Our qualified and experienced team is always available for a chat at the beginning or end of the day, to share information about your child.