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Paul Shanley

Like every parent, my childs happiness is paramount to me, so when my wife told me she’d found a nursery for our little girl I was delighted, but I never expected to be overjoyed!

I loved Lodge Farm right from the start, they have so much for the children that no other nursery has.
A real farmyard environment, live animals, tractors harvesting nearby in the fields and peace and quiet, but most importantly for any parent, safety. The nursery is out of town up a long private driveway with no way of accessing the location without being seen. No unwanted attention from outsiders.

Theres always something going on. The children go for regular woodland walks and adventures on which they squeal with delight whilst learning about Nature.

It’s such a happy place, with laughter and screams of joy pervading the classrooms.

I firmly believe Lodge Farm has had a profound effect on my daughters learning ability and advanced awareness of her surroundings. Her speech is advancing rapidly and with it her social skills too, and she’s filled with confidence. This is all down to the wonderful crew that take such great care of and educate the children throughout the day.
It’s obvious they genuinely adore the children and love the work, and the children love them right back. There are never tears when I hand over my girl, just excitement and eagerness.

She loves the food too, hardly surprising since its is freshly cooked especially for them everyday. Its balanced and varied and the children eat it all up.

One of my favourite things is I get a report everyday of what my girl has done, what she ate, how much she napped, where she went and who she played with the most and what her favourite toys were today, It’s like I was there…… Except I can’t be. So I’m delighted she’s safe with the Lodge Farm crew.

I wouldn’t dream of moving my little girl to anywhere else.
My daughter loves it… And so do I.

Thank you guys.

Warmest regards
Paul Shanley
Radio Presenter and proud Daddy