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Lodge Farm Nursery School Philosophy And Approach To Child Development

Lodge Farm Nursery School provides an exciting and friendly setting for children. Every attention is given to create a safe and comfortable environment. The care of children requires support and understanding. Staff relationships with children are informal, relaxed and personal. Everyone associated with Lodge Farm Nursery School or a user of its facilities is treated as an individual.

Children at Lodge Farm Nursery School are given the opportunity to take part in a wide variety of activities. These activities are designed to help children at different stages of development, and appropriate materials and human resources are provided to support these day-to-day activities. Children are encouraged to take part in social settings to develop co-operative and sharing skills.

The care of children is concerned with relationships. Not only the relationship between the Carer and the child but also between the Carer and the Parent. Lodge Farm Nursery School recognises that parental involvement is an essential ingredient in the maintenance of a stable, caring setting for children.

The preparation and presentation of food is very important at Lodge Farm Nursery School. Children need a balanced diet appropriate to age and individual beliefs.

Lodge Farm Nursery School’s commitment is to respond to the needs of the individual child. Children are respected as individuals and encouraged to develop at their own pace through a variety of play opportunities.

In the same way that we recognise the individual needs of children, we also recognise the individual skills of staff and give them to opportunity to develop specific skills and interests for the benefit of children. Day-to-day activities are fun, varied and stimulating. Out flexible approach gives staff the opportunity to respond to children’s different moods and interest levels.

Children are given every opportunity to make their own choices with encouragement and help from adults.

Quality is a commonly used word. It is achieved through hard work, commitment, expertise and dedication. These are Lodge Farm Nursery’s attributes. All involved within the lodge Farm Nursery School are driven by a single-minded belief to provide marvellous opportunities for children.

Mission Statement

  • To work in partnership with parents and children to create top quality childcare to be development within the nursery that suits the needs of individual children and their families.
  • To enhance and develop all physical environments.
  • To provide an innovative progressive, modern outlook on all aspects of childcare provision for all our employees, parents and children.
  • To promote the health and happiness of all children in our care to enable them to feel relaxed happy and secure.
  • For the children to be in an atmosphere in which they can feel a sense of belonging and to respond co-operatively to adults and to other children.
  • To provide a varied diet, fresh air, vigorous as well as restful activities in a safe environment.
  • To be exposed to as wide a range of suitable learning materials and situations as possible.
  • To retain and motivate productive employees via positive management practice, incentives, realistic salaries, training and a good working environment.
  • To actively maintain and pursue high ethical standards and openly encourage communication with local authorities.
  • To actively pursue and uphold its aims and strategies.
  • To promote equal opportunities in all areas.