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Outdoors at Lodge Farm Nursery

Our children and staff adore being outside, we can explore in many safe and secure play areas.  We give our children the opportunity to play in the natural world, this will bring many benefits to your child such as develop their confidence and learning about the world around them.

At Lodge Farm Nursery we believe strongly that children whatever the weather should be allowed to have fun and develop their independence.

Woodland Area

We have a very large woodland area where children can explore, make dens and discover nature.  We have a selection of large climbing apparatus, play tunnels, stepping stones, natural logs, tyres, bird spotting and we look and learn about animal natural habitats.

Outdoor Classroom

We have a hand built wooden outside classroom which provides shade and shelter for our children all year round.  We use this room to have lunch or sleep, for gathering together, storytelling, singing and all kinds of group activities whatever the weather.

Pauline Lovering EYFS Advisory teacher really likes our woodland walk and outdoor classroom, this is what she says:

“Just to say how encouraged I have been by the development of the woodland walk and outdoor classroom, following the support and training I have given to practitioners to enhance outdoor play provision through the outdoor play network. When I have visited I have seen children deeply engaged in their learning in this wonderful space. Young children often prefer to learn outdoors and I have observed how all the seven areas of learning in the EYFS are being accessed through play there. There are opportunities to learn first hand about the world around them, to count and to problem solve, to talk and learn lots of new vocabulary, to mark make and create with natural resources and to learn to share and co-operate with others. It really is offering the children a very valuable learning experience

Pauline Lovering     Early Years Foundations  Stage Advisory teacher

Extra Outside Adventures

The fields have lots of wonderful discoveries for our children to discover.  We pick blackberries from the trees and make jam from them, the children have the opportunity to grow their own fruit and vegetables and then savour their delights, for example strawberries and potatoes.

The grass is allowed to grow and wildflowers will grow, this makes a fantastic place for the children to explore at any time with their friends.

Sports day is held annually during the summer period.  This is a great opportunity for the children to show you their sporting skills and it also gives the parents a chance to fill their competitive needs!

Lodge Farm provides an exciting and stimulating environment where learning becomes Childs play.