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Our aim is to give your child a fun, safe and stimulating room, whilst fostering independent learning.

We provide an educational environment for your child as they move from being an inquisitive toddler to a confident little person.

The room is separated into a soft carpet area where we play with construction toys and role play and we have singing/story time, music and movement.  All our toys are at the children’s level so they can “self select”.

We have a messy play area, where we encourage daily painting/artwork and have our meals.

The staff and children use a “Learning journal” to record and track your child’s development. This is completed by your child’s keyworker, we carry out observations and take photographs of your child, this is also a good way for parents to monitor your child progress at nursery.

The staff in “Squirrels” love being outside, so much so, that one of the staff members have completed the “Forest School Leader” course.  Outside in the playground, they can ride bikes, climb on the climbing frame and slide down the slide, or we go to the Woodland Walk and use the Outside Classroom, where we have toasted marshmallows, pick blackberries and collect twigs and leaves to make collages.

With age-appropriate resources, imaginative play, creative play, and outside play, the life of a “Squirrel” is a busy one!