“Mighty Oaks from little Acorns grow”

Oaks is our class for the oldest children in the nursey and is where your child will be well prepared for school.  We work in harmony with the “Acorns” children and we often share ideas in the planning of our curriculum.

In order to prepare your child for school we aim to provide an enabling environment, both physically and emotionally.  In Oaks, as indeed the whole nursery, our ethos is to teach the children using activities and experiences which are a mixture of both child initiated and adult led activities and to promote “Learning through Play”.

Every day we provide an opportunity to engage in free play allowing children to choose their own toys and activities.  We support and encourage children’s independence and confidence.  Their ability to learn and achieve is planned with realistic expectations of each individual child.

Oaks classroom is divided into several areas where your children can have fun playing and learning.

Construction/Maths Table Area – number, puzzles, matching puzzles, sorting activities, building and creating, counting.

Writing Table- Mark making activities – name writing, pencil control, drawing and colouring, letters and sounds.

Carpet Area & Table – Various small world toys to enhance imaginative play and large puzzles.

Quiet Room – Book Corner – Where children can spend quiet time looking at and sharing a wide range of books.  Home Corner – For imaginative role play scenarios, for example the vets, hospital, dentist or supermarket.

The quiet room is also used for circle time, register, letters and sounds and singing and story time activities and sessions.

Messy Room – For messy play and activities – sand, water, foam, play dough, glup, junk modelling, painting and whole array of other arts and crafts activities.

Playground and Outdoor Play – Although we share our playground with Squirrels there is always ample time for children to enjoy outdoor play.  Outdoor play is a mixture of free unstructured play and planned adult led activities which promote all aspects of the EYFS and in particular physical development.

All planning is based around the EYFS and is flexible to enable staff to include activities suggested by or gleaned from the children themselves.

The staff and children use a “Learning Journal” to record and track your child’s learning. This is completed by your child’s Keyworker. We carry out observations and take photos of your child, to inform parents of their child’s progress at nursery.

The opportunities and experiences presented to the children throughout their time at Lodge Farm Nursery School will provide the building blocks for learning, education and life skills.