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The years that your child spends as a toddler are very important.  We have a large and spacious room where our toddlers can play through a combination of adult led and child initiated activities.

Our classroom is separated into soft carpet area where we use our imagination with play and have song and story time, music and movement and where all our toys are on the children’s level.

We have a messy play area, where we encourage daily painting/artwork and have our meals.

The staff and children use a “Learning journal” to record and track your child’s learning, this is completed by your child’s Keyworker. We carry out observations and take photos of your child, this is also a good way for yourself to look back and see what your child has been doing at nursery.

Children’s work is displayed attractively throughout the room and in the foyer with photographs and parents comments to develop the children’s confidence and self esteem.

All Hedgehogs staff work in partnership with all parents/carers. We provide a hand written “daily diary”, where we share information about your child’s day, how well they have eaten, slept and nappy changes.

We have a great understanding that every toddler has lots of energy, therefore we encourage the children to go outside every day into their own playground. They can ride a bike or even play on the train. We also go for wellie walks in the Woodland Walk.  We believe that the best learning environment are informal.  Our naturalistic outdoor play is where children have unmediated opportunities for adventure and self initiated play, exploration and discovery.

We have a Soft Play Area where our little ones can climb safely.  To counteract the child’s energy, we believe that relaxation is good for children’s emotional health. We encourage all children to explore in our Sensory Room, where the children can happily discover new experiences.