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In Acorns your child is enthused with learning and laughter, thus preparing them for school.

Our children learn best by doing, playing and exploring.  They discover letters, numbers and music, through fun hands on activities.

The extensive variety of toys encourage “open-ended” play and creativity, like cars and dolls and dressing up clothes, and books that can be picked up and “read” anytime.  Creative play with sand, water, shaving foam and collage materials are freely available.

We base our planning around the Early Years Foundation Stage.  We achieve this by being flexible and spontaneous enabling your child to achieve the most from their learning experience.

The staff and children use a “Learning Journal” to record and track your child’s learning.   This is completed by your child’s Keyworker.  We carry out observations and take photos of your child, as evidence for yourself as a parent to look back and see what your child has been doing at nursery.

Acorns children play outside every day (weather permitting) .  We play in our safe enclosed playground which has a large assortment of outdoor play equipment such as bikes, play house, footballs and building blocks.  We love having our meals outside in the playground during the summer.

Our nursery staff play lots of games and fun activities with the children outside and also we participate in physical activity indoors. This could be from music and movement to balancing, keeping the children in good stead for PE at “big school”.

Children are always praised and rewarded for their effort, good manners and good behaviour.  We recognise these qualities and one of our strengths.